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What kind of services do you provide at Datumcenter?
We provide services such as Hosting, Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Renewal. Also, you can be able to rent shared or dedicated cabinet. You can host your servers in our center.
Where and how can I get online support?
By pressing the button “Live Support” in our web site, you can access to our employee who you can ask your questions. You can also contact to us via mail or phone. If you are using our services and if you are a member of our system, you can also get support by writing an e-ticket.
What are the services you provide for hosting?
Publishing your windows or PHP based website on the Internet, is one of the most used and optimal web hosting service in order to be accessible. Web hosting means leasing a space for creating a website from high performance and powerful servers allocated in modern and fully equipped Datumcenter data center. You can also start by selecting one of our PHP or Windows web hosting packages in features as you want.
Can I get a demo account?
Unfortunately, you do not have such a choice. Instead of that by offering you a refund guarantee within 15 days on web hosting and reseller hosting services, we can refund your money if you are not satisfied with our services. Our goal is to satisfy you. On domain name - license etc. services, there is no possibility of refund.
How long does it take for a domain name to become active?
Domain name processes you made through our web site if you paid through credit card or PayPal will be transacted immediately, if you paid through wire transfer, will be transacted after we received your payment. Activation of domain name takes 24-48 hours depending on your location. Note: In some cases, it will not be activated instantly, it may require manual approval for security reasons in payments made through credit card or PayPal. When you made your payment, you must inform us. In such cases, process will be done with 24 hours at the latest.
What is the process of domain name transfer?
Domain name transfer processes are automatic. When domain name transfer initiated, an e-mail will be send to the e-mail address of present registrant, to approve transfer. To find out what this address is by querying your domain name from you can see it from “Registrant Email”. When e-mail required for transfer approval is approved, it means there is no obstacle left for the transfer ( in case of locked domain name or similar situations, you will be informed) and next process take 5 or 7 days. This period is a process of objection to transfer by your old company. An e-mail will be send to you when the transfer successfully completed.
My domain name is expired, can i renew it?
Expired domain names can be renewed within 30 days of expiration date with its standard fee. After such 30 days, domain name is in a recovery period of another 30 days and within this period domain name can be renewed but you will be charged with 10 times more fee ( in such a case sum will be calculated and notified). When this period ends as well, domain name undergo a process of pending delete lasts to 3 week approximately and during the pending delete period, domain names can no longer renew, it only can recoverable after this period.
Who owns the name of the domain name I purchased?
Domain names you have purchased are registered on behalf of the informations you gave while you signing up. You can see it from whois informations after registration process is completed.
What is sub name server?
Sub nameserver means creating a sub-domain name from domain name without any hosting. These are mostly used in when you want to create a private nameserver.
What is nameserver?
It is the nameserver that is going to be used in domain name queries. When you configured domain name nameservers as nameserver addresses provided by hosting company to you, name queries are done through entered nameservers and IP address returned from name query will provide opening the website by transferring the information of in which server your site is being hosted to the computer of user who wants to enter the site.
How can I transfer my domain name registered by you to another company?
In all domain name transfers, use of transfer code (EPP Code) is obligatory. To find out this code, from “Your Domain Names” menu from your customer panel, select the domain name you want to transfer and click the link “Get Transfer Code” below, your transfer code will be provided to you. After receiving this code other processes will be done by the company you are going to transfer the domain name. Also, having your e-mail accessible and domain name not being locked is very important for transfer to succeed.
What are your name server addresses?
Our nameserver addresses are / ns2.
What is Add-On Domain?
An add-on domain is a feature allows you to host many websites within from same web hosting account. These websites use same disk, traffic and other resources limit, controlled by the same panel. Since they are being controlled by the same panel, they are not ideal for web hosting sale but for those customers who have multiple websites can create their websites with add-on domains within the same control panel. Even though this websites share the same panel, they are completely independent of each other, it cannot be understand that it is add-on domain, they operate normally.
My domain name is in another place. Can I get hosting service from you?
Yes, you can get hosting service from us. After receiving it, you will have to change your domain name nameservers with our servers, this change will take time because nameservers need to be updated. Publication of the website without any problem, will take 12-24 hours depending on the country you live.
Can I view my website without DNS routing?
It is possible to view your website without making DNS changes but features such as website preview on servers won’t work on CMS applications such as WordPress, the moment page has been viewed, it will route back to the original address. Thus, a configuration is needed in the computer to view website in this way. To work your site as if it has been routed without routing DNS and to perform controls, you can do these process: Open your Start menu, right click the notepad and run as administrator. From File -> Open menu open this file: c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts In the opened file add these two lines to below and save the file. (You can see the website IP address from your control panel): Your site IP address (EXAMPLE: Your site IP address Close the browser (not just the tabs, completely) and reopen. When you do this process, when you enter your site normally domain name will operate as if it has been routed to our hosting service you have received from us, you have an opportunity to view and to configure your website correctly. After deleting added lines from the file, if you reopen the browser domain will operate in the place routed. This change is only effective on your computer, doesn’t affect the accesses to your website from outside. So, you can configure your website without any obstacles and after configuration you can route your website.
Can I use web-based e-mail?
Yes, you can by entering your e-mail addresses to
My website has been hacked, what should I do?
1. Scan your computer with antivirus/antispyware programs. 2. Download all FTP contents of your website to your computer, scan the all files and folders, delete all harmful files/folders/contents. Doing this process with antivirus etc. won’t affect, in necessary situations you must get in contact with software developers. 3. Detect the problem and eliminate it. 4. Restore your files. If processes have been done correctly and if the problem have been eliminated correctly, you won’t have to get into trouble again. Following informations are helpful in terms of your website security: In computers where you enter logged in to FTP/cPanel/ admin panel, scan for virus and spyware. Do not upload any software that you don’t trust to hosting. Constantly update your script/theme/add-ons, Script panel passwords and FTP/hosting control panel passwords should not be simple, meaningless passwords that consist of complex letters and numbers are always the strongest passwords.
My website is running slow, what should I do?
There are many factors that can cause your websites to run slow. To be able to control, analyzing these factors is helpful. 1. PHP problems; A. High CPU-RAM Usage: High CPU usage can be caused by infinite loop errors or unnecessary MySQL queries in the software. Then, it might need to be analyzed and solved by a software developer. When the problem is based on software, hosting company will not be able to solve it. B. Low CPU Usage + High Traffic There is no problem in software but traffic is high, running too many processes simultaneously causes High CPU usage cumulatively. Then, it means the time for purchasing more high level hosting such as virtual/rental server has come. C. Outer connections: A software may be importing data by remote connection. For instance; you have a paid theme and it is licensed, theme is connecting to a license server and checking the license, if there is a problem in license server you will have the same problem as well. Server response time is related to queries in your softwares within this context. When you run a program in your computer, a window doesn’t show up immediately, codes run in the background, when the process is completed, window opens. Same logic applies to websites too. The lower the number of queries and process working in the background, the faster the website is. 2. Static Problems; A. High resolution pictures, high size JavaScript/CSS may cause slowness by loading slowly according to the connection speed of the visitor. Javascript effects considering computer features of the features even may lock up the browser. 3. Hosting related problems; in case of slowness in and when you informed us our team who works 7 days a week 24 hours a day will step in immediately and resolve the problem.
hours a day will step in immediately and resolve the problem. What are inappropriate contents?
As specified in our service agreement, these inappropriate contents have been designated by law. Betting, gambling, pornography, mp3, unlicensed softwares, etc. in short, any criminal content cannot be published. In case of publishing it by you, when the sanction request has come from the government your site will be temporarily suspended and you will be informed. A time may be will given for you to delete the illegal content.
When do backups happen?
Our all hosting servers are being backed up to a different backup server on a daily basis. Backs up until 16 days, before that will get deleted automatically.
Can I use private nameserver in my reseller account?
Can I use private nameserver in my reseller account? Yes, it possible to use your own private nameservers in your reseller account. For that to happen, you must create sub nameserver with IP addresses we will provide from your domain panel and by configuring DNS zone from your reseller account you must create A records for sub nameservers.
What is reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting allows to host multiple websites but in different panels. Contrary to add-on domains, In Reseller hosting accounts a separate Reseller panel is located and Reseller user with this panel can open host for new web sites, can manage the hosts and can give separate panel for each website. So, it is possible to make web sale with Reseller hosting.
What is VPS / VDS?
VPS (Virtual Private Server / VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) in the simplest form, both of them are virtual servers. Achieved by dividing a physical server into multiple tiny servers with virtualization softwares.
What is VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)?
VDS is achieved by compartmentalizing host server with hardware. VDSs that has been virtualized in this way, they become one little server that completely independent of each other. They may all have different operating system, resource utilization of every one of them is independent of each other. Allocated CPU and RAM cannot be used by someone else. Therefore, VDS affecting each other is out of question, overuse of resource by VDS or a VDS that under in a cyber-attack won’t affect others. As mode of operation, has no difference from rental physical server, All processes such as Kernel update can be performed.
How to clear DNS cache?
When domain name nameserver is changed or when your IP address of your website is changed, the website mostly opening in others’ computers won’t open in your computer. The reason for that is because you have entered this website previously, DNS informations are saved into your computer’s DNS cache and when you wanted to enter again your computer tries to open the website in the direction of informations obtained from cache without analyzing it. In such cases, clearing DNS cache is usually the solution. If you use windows, in the command prompt type and run ipconfig /flushdns”, “ipconfig /release”, “ipconfig /renew” respectively. If the process is successful, you will get the message of “Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache”. If you use MacOS, in terminal application type sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder and press enter. If you use MacOS 10.5 and 10.6 again terminal application type and enter sudo dscacheutil -flushcache.
I made my payment, what now?
Once you paid through wire transfer, sending a payment notification by clicking the link “Payment Notification” down below, it will quicken up the process of noticing your payment and activation of your account. Once you send payment notification, your payment will be checked and then your account will be activated, your account informations will be send via e-mail. If you have made your payment through credit card or PayPal, your account will be activated automatically. In case of error in system, your account informations may not be sent as automatically. In such cases, your account will be activated by manually approving your payment.
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