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Virtual Applications

By making your system a central structure with virtualized applications, you can get rid of application deployment and security and update problems! Datumcenter, in order to offer practical solutions that make your life easier as is in Softwaremen Software products, provides your applications with “Private Virtualized Application” service without you needing to make any server investment. This service that you can benefit from anywhere that has Internet connection, enables you to focus on your business. Also while providing backup and security, with low maintenance requirements enables you to achieve cost advantages in comparison with your competitors. Due to increasing number of user, application and device, deployment and control of application gradually becomes difficult. To be able overcome this problem, application virtualization technologies gives a very important opportunity to companies. You can manage and use your applications without having to download them to your personal computer, without concerning about security and update. While investment costs has been reduced through this service, also speed and flexibility in terms of productivity, performance and data security is being provided. Datumcenter enables you to set up more dynamic and productive infrastructures and simplify the desktop control and management of users. So, systems responding the customer’s need from anywhere that has Internet connection can be set up.

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