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Server Mapping

In cases where continuity in today’s work life is crucial, to keep a backup of a running server or a system in somewhere else and to copy simultaneously has become inevitable. As a matter of fact, it has become a legal obligation in banking and finance sector. DATUMCENTER along with creating this service to be able to hold exact copy of your server, provides services such as simultaneous file copy, file synchronization, two way synchronization. Server Mapping enables the server synchronization and duplication between servers and to back up a server to another server. It contains services such as backing up the server to NAS or other storage devices, deployment of server folders to workstations, backup by downloading files from workstations. With simultaneous file copy, new or updated (just new or changed) files get copied to target location from source location.

Simultaneous file synchronization is a powerful feature for managing free space or clutter. However, if source file gets deleted, target file will get deleted at same time. Two way synchronization enables to synchronize files between more than one machines in both ways. While improving the performance with features such as Compression, Smart File Delete, Bandwidth Compression, presents a strong administration opportunity with advance reporting feature.

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