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Licence Rental

If you have a business and operating environments and licenses are a financial burden for you; most importantly if you want to stay always updated, it is possible to do this with lowest cost. Renting Microsoft Licenses is a Service Provider License Agreement and is the process of renting certain Microsoft products instead of purchasing them. Users, according to their needs, they can change the model or upgrade, downgrade their service. With this service you cannot rent all the softwares you require for your operating systems from office programs, Microsoft Server softwares you are going to user for your servers to client softwares. License agreement applies to Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Also apart from Microsoft, you can use softwares such as GeniusOpen, OnlyOffice by renting.

This advantage enables to make a saving by pay-per-use for the softwares you use. User always use the last version and can record it as expenses in accounting records. This is an opportunity of using a licensed software without paying the high licensed fee. With monthly invoicing, it will be invoiced as service based on to your license use in that month. Thus you can foresee the costs and you can make advantage in budget planning.

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