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Disaster Recovery

To ensure continuity of IT services, making Disaster Recovery Plan is very important. This plan is a part of business continuity that focuses on protecting your company against natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and fire and device failure. Plan needs to be developed considering what are the priorities and the time recovery will take during disaster. Apart from that, backing up and recovering digital data has a significant place in the disaster recovery plan. Disaster Recovery plan is quite important for business continuity, to make new hardwares ready, setting up the applications will be used and in recovery of the system by restoring the data. So this is a business continuity plan that is useful to keep running all parts of the business despite the disaster.

To ensure continuity, risk assessment, plan and analysis must be made. Plan should be designed incrementally to recover disrupted systems and networks for the purpose of minimizing the negative effects on the company. A good disaster recovery plan helps to ensure business continuity even in case of disaster and negative events. Disaster Recovery Plans which needs to be seen as main support of business continuity, may be thought of as an alternative data centers. Herein Datumcenter offers alternative solutions for the purpose of organizations providing business continuity even during the disaster.

What steps should be taken?

- Make a list of all hardwares such as servers, computers, printers and programs and databases.

- Using standard hardwares will make it easier to create system image and to purchase new hardware requirement.

- In case of redoing the setup, keeping the copies of softwares is important.

- Reconfiguration of hardwares and softwares needs to be listed by prioritizing.

- Documentation of disaster recovery plan should be prepared as a part of documentation of business continuity plan.

- Plan should be tested for control periodically whether to see it works or not.

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