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Cabinet Leasing is a space leasing service equipped with physical security, generator, uninterruptible power supply and Internet connection you need and to allocate your or rental hardwares in a server room of a world class data center. In order to fulfill the changing needs of your business in a fast, easy and flexible way, custom design cabinets divided as full, medium and quarter size full with private security allocated to customers. Allows you to add additional capacity to your server setup without significant delays or failures. Centers always monitored by security cameras and protected by biometric security systems. Also to keep secure you data, equipped with strong physical security systems including additional protection. Cabinet Leasing solution allows to reduce the IT maintenance costs, to

develop infrastructure in a fast and easy way and to improve productivity of businesses up to 100%. Allocation of cabinets and servers in our data center is done bearing in mind the cold and hot air circulation. This way, a cooler working environment can be achieved for data. You can be assure that uptime of your server will be long. As a customer of Datumcenter, we guarantee you that there will be uninterrupted working environment in your servers.

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