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Server Hosting

By hosting your servers on Datumcenter you can run it with high continuity rates. Server hosting services include high-capacity network connections, exclusive data center domain, redundant energy infrastructure, air conditioning system and physical security. Network Operation Center provides uninterrupted service with customer system monitoring infrastructure. All cabinet, electricity, network infrastructure and similar other infrastructure requirements, purchase of spare part, licensing, setup and all physical and software support are provided by Datumcenter. Our customers who receive server hosting service may benefit from license rental service and the other additional services. Thus, there is no need to make extra investments for licensing. Companies which receive server hosting service provided with technical support and set up services don’t need to employ extra one personnel or to receive consultancy service. Hosting service features

could be edited in the application form (Traffic Quota, number of IP Addresses) You can create a special service package more convenient to you in the application form with regard to changes that are going to be made. If there is a service you require not included in the application form, you will have get in contact with our representatives. Our customer representative will inform you about the processes needs to be done by calling your phone number which you submitted with application form through our website for server hosting service.


Silver Package
  • 1U Server
  • 1 Static IP
  • 512 Kb/s Internet
Gold Package
  • 2U Server
  • 1 Static IP
  • 1024 Kb/s Internet
Gold Plus Package
  • Tower Server
  • 1 Static IP
  • 1024 Kb/s Internet
Platinium Package
  • 4U Server
  • 6 Static IP
  • 2048 Kb/s Internet
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