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Terms Of Return

1. You can return some of the products that you have purchased within 15 days regardless of the reason and receive a full refund.
2. Return and refund is only possible for Web, E-mail and Reseller Hosting packages. The other products and services cannot be returned under no circumstances, because return and refund policy is not applied on these services.
3. In order to return and refund, it needs to be requested a refund within the 15 days of purchase. In case of requesting a refund after 15 days from the date of the purchase, it is not possible refund or return of the service.
4. Datum center refunds within 7 working days after suspending the service that will be refund. Any payments made with debit card, credit card or PayPal refund through debit or PayPal. cannot be held in any way possible for the exchange differences and interrupts happening in the bank or PayPal system. Refund takes places after these interrupts. does not offer any refunds for set-up fee.

5. If Datumcenter issued and sent the return invoice to the customer for the service, may ask to reissue return invoice for this invoice during refund. If customer does not send the return invoice, there is no payment.
6. You can request for cancellation of product/service from here: .

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