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Sign Up Policy

When sign up an account with us you are requested to provide accurate personal data. Accurate personal details means that you have to fill out all form fields with your real and complete Name, Last Name, and your complete post address from where you perform you business activity. If you already have an account with us then you should not open another account. Accounts are unique and we do not allow multiple accounts for the same Customer and/or Company.

Opening an Account
Consider the following small rules to get an account with us:
a. Accounts are unique. We do not allow more than 1 account per Company and/or Customer.
b. All fields are required and accurate details must be provided, including phonenumber and all address deails. PO Box Addresses are not accepted.

c. The First and Last Name fields have to be filled out correctly with your complete Name and Last Name. Company names are not allowed in the First and Last Name fields.
d. The signup Email address must be a valid and active email from your Top Level WHMCS Domain ( It can not be an email address that is being used by your WHMCS system for sending emails. Do not use the WHMCS admin email address nor any other system email address you have setup to send automated replies as this will be detected as bounce mail and your account email address will be flagged as unverified again.
e. We do not allow signup through openproxy, anonymous proxy, vpn connections or dedicated servers. You need to signup from your location using your direct internet access.
f. Please be advised that violation of this policy could result in deleting the pending order and closing the account without notice. If we are unable to verify the provided details then we reserve the right to request domain ownership verification as well as any other document to verify the provided personal and/or company details.

g. Accounts will be closed under the following circunstances automatically:
• Accounts with unverfied email address
• Violation of any of the policies present in our Terms of Service

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