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Renewal Policy

Our renewal policy does not force you to renew leased licenses or add-ons. However, our system 7 (Seven) days before the first invoice creates an e-mail to you. Apparently, 2 (two) days before the due date of the payment makes the first invoice reminder. If the payment is not yet collected after 7 (seven) days after the delayed payment, the first delay will be sent to the e-mail. If payment is still not collected despite all notice, the service will be suspended for 15 (fifteen) days. If the payment is not collected at all, 90. (Ninety) days will be canceled completely. An only virtual server, physical server, domain names are exceptions to this situation. Virtual servers will be suspended for 7 (seven) days and will be completely deleted for 15 (fifteen) days. Physical servers will be suspended for 3 (three) days and will be completely deleted on the 10th day. Domain names are suspended on the first day of payment and can be paid by paying the fee within 30 (thirty) days. In the case of payments exceeding 30 (thirty) days, they will be suspended in 60 (sixty) days. The penalty fee will be determined by the domain name registration company ICANN. DatumCenter is not responsible for this forfeit.

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