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Privacy Policy

When you access our website and how the informations we collected regarding you and services which you have requested are going to be used and protected in the course of benefiting from our services which we have provided to you through this website are subjected to conditions which specified in this “Privacy Policy”. By visiting this site and requesting services we provide through this website, you are agreeing to the terms of this “Privacy Policy”.


Use and Protection of Informations

Our website has been equipped with “SSL” certificate in terms of the submitted informations. Therefore, submitted informations cannot be displayed by other internet users. This protection is not effective for the informations sent through e-mail. We treat protecting informations we collected regarding our customers in the same way as our trade secrets. These informations can only be accessed by personnel of organizations which its products on the website and personnel of ours in order to provide the service which customer has requested. In case of public information, demand of authorities or legally compelled disclosure, the informations of yours may be divulged. cannot be held in any way responsible for any damages that may be sustained due to neutralization of protection system through hacking. Collection, storage and use of informations within the framework of the service provided to you or for statistical purposes, sharing with another organizations subjected to the terms of this privacy policy and provisions of terms of use regarding our website. By clicking the link below “if you don’t want to receive our newsletter, click here.” or by sending an e-mail to, you can take your name off the mailing list.

Sources of Information

Informations we gather regarding you are aimed at providing the optimal service to you and continuously improving quality of these services. We gather information as described below.

a. The informations provided by you the informations that you have provided to us by using our website or e-mail, fax etc. have been collected and stored. These informations that gathered by this way, are informations that you submitted with your freewill. You are free to not to provide such informations, however in order to provide quick, effective and quality service we suggest you to submit your informations properly. It should be taken into consideration that in case of not submitting your mandatory informations which the service that you have requested requires, it is not possible to fulfill your request. Providing true, complete and accurate informations is at your responsibility. Do not submit incorrect, misleading or missing information. Submitting or declaring incorrect, misleading or missing information could affect the validity, liability or rights of the service that you have requested. In such a case, assumes no responsibility whatsoever. In the case of sustaining a loss because of incorrect, misleading or missing information that submitted by you, compensation obligation of such loss is on you.

b. The informations provided automatically Cookies are the informations that gathered during the services which you have received and help the keep track of your visits and allow computers and operating systems to automatically recognize you during your visit on our web site. You can find how to restrict this feature or to disable completely on your help menu of your computer. However, due to the fact that the informations we gathered this way will be in use for a better and quality service, we suggest you to leave it enabled.

c. The informations provided by other sources These are the informations we gathered from third parties and organizations in order to confirm the informations that you have submitted and keep up-to-date your informations such as address and phone number if it deemed as appropriate. You are consenting in advance to the collection of your informations in this way However, has no obligation to research or to control such informations.

Other Terms Of Use

Apart from conditions specified in here, everyone who visited our website or requested a service is deemed to have read and accepted the provisions which specified in “Terms of Use”. Provisions of “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” and amending such provisions forms the entirety of legal relationship which has established between and you and binds the parties. Unless otherwise adjudicated as written, the party shall not make any request that are inconsistent with such provisions against and shall not challenge.

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