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E-Mail Policy

For all users who use the e-mail service of DatumCenter Data Center, the rules that must be followed in this directive are as follows. It is important for DatumCenter users to adhere to these provisions in terms of the execution of e-mail service.

a. E-Mail Service Use Principles
Gigabyte Ltd. The address of Fener Sokak No: 2 Kizilbas, Lefkosa is opened to DatumCenter in the form of [ad] @ domain.adi for all users of their e-mail accounts. The user cannot send or receive e-mails when the usage quotas are exceeded.
b. The user is entitled to the right to use the service, the user's password and user name and / or use of this right will not use and transfer to anyone else, even if the suspicion to be learned by someone else will change immediately, otherwise it would be the responsibility of all transactions, he/she did not use him/herself accept that he/she will not claim.

c. User, in the internet news groups, chat environments; e-mail messages, such as defamation, pornography and other illegal, community morality and understanding of any purpose contrary to the purpose of public presentations, postings and similar activities can not.
d. Users are responsible for the contents they contain in their user accounts and for all electronic mail transactions performed.
e. The User shall not include any material and documents which shall constitute a criminal offense in his account and / or site. Public and commercial services and personal account holders can not use harmful practices.
f. All e-mail accounts of users; The user is responsible for the security problems that may occur due to the opening of unrecognized e-mails, downloading and executing of the files or programs included in the plug-ins.
g. The user password is only known by the user. The user can change his / her password at any time from the first use. The selection and protection of the password is entirely the responsibility of the user. The password must be at least 6 characters, such as 123456, or the name of the person or their relatives. When creating a new password, there must be at least 1 number, 1 letter and 1 point mark. DatumCenter cannot be held responsible for problems arising from the use of passwords.

h. User account;
    1. In cases where the use of personal accounts by different persons is determined,
    2. Try to find the passwords of other users defined on the server systems, interfere with the files, change etc. where interventions are identified,
    3. In cases where system integrity, integrity, safety and service continuity are prevented, it can be temporarily switched off by DatumCenter without informing the user. Users are informed in advance when the user account is permanently closed.
    4. DatumCenter reserves the right to close accounts that have not been used for a long time. Unused accounts can be closed for 6 months and the related user's files can be deleted.

i. DatumCenter electronic mail resources; To don't use chain e-mails lar cannot be used to send unwanted messages (SPAM), such as advertising, deception, scribble.
j. All e-mail content and plug-ins should be scanned for malicious code and viruses before opening them. DatumCenter cannot be held responsible for any threats.
k. DatumCenter reserves the right to share information with respect to the activities carried out by the user in the electronic mail system without the user's consent if the judicial authorities request it.
l. Without the permission and information of DatumCenter Data Center, corporate email accounts cannot be forwarded to an external mail server or service.
m. E-mail account holders must provide DatumCenter with personal information and password renewal requests when they forget or lose their mail account.

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