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Delivery Policy

By default, online payments are processed immediately and verified manually. In the online payment information is activated immediately after the confirmation of the need to confirm the payment in the bank payments in the form of mail
a. Orders are not automatically activated and reviewed manually. Activation time can be end from 1 to 12 hours.
b. New orders awaiting payment will be kept for a maximum of 3 days and will be automatically deleted if no payment is made within the specified period.
c. The service will be suspended immediately if a payment is fraudulent or a payment dispute is opened before contacting our billing department immediately.



Billing Policy

Customers and Companies outside the Northern Cyprus are VAT exempt due to the special zone of the Northern Cyprus. All prices exposed in our Website at pricing-licensing.php are without taxes. You can read more about the special tax regime at TRNC Ministry Of Finance . For self-employed and Companies in the Northern Cyprus tax of 1.16% VAT will be applied to the invoice.

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