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Our Company

Gigabyte Limited which has been serving in IT sector since 1994, has set up Datumcenter with 17 years of experience, skeleton crew and its own resources. Gigabyte LLC has been leading the sector with the newly added product, Data Center service. Also focusing on data center services in IT sector Gigabyte LLC with the standards developed in Datumcenter and technical expert staff, constantly keeps under control the network and physical security of data center. Systems are monitored by virtual and physical security system 24 hours a day seven days a week. Provides various services with trustworthy, continuous and modern understanding to its individual and business customers and solidifies the reputation it enjoys in the field with data center services. Gigabyte LLC, in Datumcenter data center, provides services such as “Virtual Server”, “Server Hosting”, “Web and E-mail Hosting”, “Domain Name Registration” and “Software Virtualization”. Also, to its customers, provides special solutions with types of Cloud Computing services, such as Software as a Services (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  Day by day it has been developed with new additions to the service, moreover in order to take part in world informatics market and to carry its services to international market, it carries on the activities of advertisement and marketing.

Our Quality Policy

Conforming to the implemented quality management and security system and ever-developing it, Gigabyte LLC has adopted the quality policy of continuously improving Datumcenter data center products and services according to the customer’s demand and expectations and providing profitability and happiness of customers by reducing costs without sacrificing any quality.

Purpose of Quality System

A quality policy which fulfills the founding purpose, forms a frame around establishing quality objectives and revision of it for department heads and employees, to meet the requirements of quality management system and the commitment of continuously improving quality management system activity and the expectations of all employees and customers from the company, has been implemented by executives.

- Acting according to corporate identity and principles of the company;‏
‏- Adding new products to present product line without sacrificing quality in accordance with customer’s desires;

- Providing customer satisfaction by improving product and service quality;
- Complying with relevant laws and regulations;
- Following technological developments and innovations in our sector;
- Through constant reviews, improving the quality management system;
- Providing efficiently usage of all resources with the active participation of all employees;
- Complying with the quality management system and continuous improvement approach to activity;
- Without sacrificing quality, being respectful to ethical values.

Our Vision

To become a leading company using advanced technologies, to offer value added solutions in domestic and overseas, to steer development and change, to keep customer and employee satisfaction at the highest level, primarily to be preferred by local and foreign customers and to become a brand in international standards and quality


Our Misson

By determining our individual and business customers’ needs with privacy policy and quality consciousness, to achieve permanent customer satisfaction by transforming our fund of knowledge into products and services of data center; with approaches of education, assessment and improvement, to become a partner which provides continuous development and renewable.


Our Principles

Transparency, Accessibility, Reliability, Honesty, Innovativeness and Responsibility. Customer Focus with Unity.

Information Security Management System

Aim of Information Security Management System under the roof of Gigabyte LLC is; to provide business continuity, to prevent effects of security violations occurring in terms of information security or reducing it, to minimize work losses. Gigabyte LLC could possess the databases, special access informations and special configuration informations related to critical devices of customers whom we provide service to. In order to assure institutions and organizations that we provide service to, our number one priority is to secure information assets that we use for our services. Within this context; our relationships with public institutions, subcontractors and the customers we collaborate with are very valuable. Continuity of services we are providing, confidentiality of informations we are keeping, integrity of information assets of ours and customers are very important. To ensure the integrity of our services, the confidentiality of critical informations and our information assets;

- We implemented a management system conforming with the requirements of ISO 27001:2005, we guarantee that we are always going to improve its activity.
- Continuously scrutinizing our risk, for those which above the level of admissible we perform controls.
- Most valuable resource which we use for achieving our goal is our employees. For that reason, we raise awareness of information security among our employees.
- We guarantee to comply with the laws and regulations of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
- We value working in accordance with technical requirements.
- Once a year we review this policy in terms of actuality.


The purpose of Information Security Policy which approved by executives is:

- To preserve information assets of Gigabyte LLC against all the threats could emerge knowingly or unknowingly, from within or from outside; to preserve against the access of people who will try to damage the confidentiality and integrity of information.
- To provide accessibility to information in relation to business processes, to fulfill requirements of legal regulations.
- To prepare, test and maintain business continuity plan,
- To raise awareness by providing information security training to all employees,
- Report all suspicious or existing deficits in information security to coordinator of ISMS and to conduct a investigation by the coordinator of ISMS,
- To meet the business requirements of accessibility to information and informations system.

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